Customize slippers

Embossed Mould Carved Machine

We have a variety of uppers, including sublimation, embroidery, printing and embossed

Professional designers provide Free Design

We can do free for your customized slides,and supported more upper material for you:Leather、Faux fur、PU

Free  customized slides
Custom logo slides

We produce slippers of various colors

We offer slides in 8 colors: Black, White, Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Royal Blue, Navy Blue.

They are made of PVC, it's soft、wear-resistant and non-slip.The main materials of PVC sole are PVC(Polyvinylchlorid), DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate), etc., which are environmentally friendly

Hand-Made/Assembly Line Production

We have the quality of pure handmade, also have a large number of professional assembly line production.

Any question don’t hesitate contact with  WhatsApp: +86 18705997783

Custom slides bulk